Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to Me!

It's Zoey and my first Father's Day. We'll celebrate by continuing Operation Out and About, our project to make sure Zoey is mobile and functional in the big wide world. We've been going for walks every day and yesterday we made our biggest excursion yet, an hour away to our friends' lake house.

Zoey's been great. She sleeps through every drive and appears content to see new things. At the lake house she was a little colicky, but manageable.

Yesterday, the lake house. Tomorrow, the world!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

one week of zoey

Ever since we mastered her feeding, Zoey's become amazingly serene. Mostly she sleeps.

She used to have a wheezy panic cry when we bathed her. Now she sleeps through that too!

We've been able to go for walks every day. Hopefully she appreciates her top-of-the-line bugaboo stroller!

We've enjoyed the company of friends. The other night we had our first parents-only get-together with the Lascelles. That's Zoey sleeping on the couch.

With our happy, sleepy baby, we can chill on our balcony and enjoy the summer!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy zoey

A big part of our troubles with Zoey came from her trouble feeding. Lorna the Lactationist paid us a visit today. She confirmed that Zoey's been on a bit of a crash diet since birth and gave us some good advice on getting her to eat more. Since Lorna's visit this morning, Zoey's been chugging milk like nobody's business, and she's back to her old happy sleepy self.

zleepless zoey

Time check: Zoey Day 4, 3:45 am.

This baby has been kicking our butt. Last night she was awake and agitated from 11pm to 5am. I calmed Zoey by walking laps around our building with her over my shoulder, and later, by just walking on the treadmill at our gym. (I burned 25 calories too!)

Meanwhile, Kirsten was breastfeeding her every hour. Little Z was too agitated to latch on properly most of the time. In the morning she slept four hours straight and woke up to two exhausted and worried parents struggling to get enough food into her...

Tonight she's been a lot better, in that her only complaint has been hunger, not overall existence. We woke her up at 1:30am to eat and she's been eating straight for the past two hours.

Unfortunately, neither of her parents has had much to eat. When Zoey's done with her feeding we'll finally indulge in last night's leftovers.

Since we brought Zoey home, we've had one meal together...breakfast, which I ate with one hand while the other calmed my girl.

But then earlier today, I had Zoey to myself for an hour on the balcony. She was wide awake and happy the whole time, grabbing my finger, lounging on my lap and looking up at me with her big blue eyes.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Zoey meets world

Zoey Lena Marcus was born on Friday. We think she's awesome and unbelievably cute, even for a baby. We've just brought her home from the hospital and she's sleeping in my arms right now. One handed typing is hard so I'll keep this short. Here are some pics of her first two days of life:

Kirsten in labor...doesn't look so bad, does it? Don't be fooled by the pretty face...Kirsten is happy because she just got the epidural.

After 17.5 hours of incredible effort (Lance has nothing on Kirsten), Zoey is born and in the arms of her mother.

David is mighty proud of his daughter.

Kirsten gets to eat sushi again!

Here are a few shots just to show off our little girl. Welcome to the family, Zoey!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the due date is here. where is the baby?

Baby Marcus is due today.

Kirsten has started her maternity leave, but so far there's nobody to maternitize.

Aunt Barbara suggests that 6/7/08 would be a cool birthday. We agree, although if she wants to come sooner that would be cool too!