Saturday, November 22, 2008

zoey meets santa

Things in the Marcus family are on track.

Routefriend should have a private beta by the end of 2008. Zoey's digging daycare and she had a blast visiting her Coatesville, PA, family last weekend.  Here are a few pics...

While we were in Pennsylvania, Santa came to meet Zoey for the first time!  Everybody enjoyed his visit except for Uncle Larry, who nobody could find.

Meanwhile, Zoey is getting very social.  All she wants to do is hang out with other babies.  Here she is with her buddy Murph, who was described by one of the daycare teachers as her "boyfriend".  Murph better keep his hands to himself!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we did!

Hooray for Obama!  The future just got a little brighter.  Once Barack had secured the infant 0-6 months demographic, it was all over!

I spent election day campaigning for the Dems then we joined our friends Adam, Bekka and their two-week-old baby Elliot to watch the returns.  All the causes I campaigned for took the night, including especially my goal to have a president that does the country proud.  (I can only assume my politicking was instrumental!)

So, before the buzz wears off and reality sets in, let's appreciate that we've just elected a kick-ass President.