Wednesday, May 30, 2007

keep 'em coming

You guys have sent some great pictures. We love them all. Keep sending them over!

Special kudos to Segolene and Olivier Lamare for sending us this cool video...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

your photos make us happy

Thanks to the Buntics, Jenny Kang, Peter Lee, the Lamares and the Olshausens for sending us photos so far. We want to see your photos too!

They're all going into the pool.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

send us your pictures

To our friends with cameras...we'd love to see all the photos you took during the wedding. There are a couple of ways to share your pictures...

Our favorite way is for you to email them to davidmarcus -at- There is a 10 MB 20 MB limit for attachments, so you may have to send multiple emails. Gmail also blocks zip files so if you'd like to send the pictures in a zip file, please change the extension on the filename to .piz.

We've also set up a flickr photo pool here. If you have wedding pictures on your own flickr site, please share them with the pool. If you don't use flickr, please email your photos to us and we'll put them on our flickr site. So far we have two photos sent to us by the Buntic family.

Can't wait to build our album!


Thank you EVERYBODY for a great wedding. You've given us an awesome send-off into married life. We'll never forget the great times...the exchanging of vows, seeing all of you partying together, and of course, Uncle Larry giving David a big wet kiss.

What made our wedding really special was the celebration of love...our love for each other and the great love we have for our friends and family. You all made our wedding amazing.

Thank you and please come visit us again!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

just signed a lease

We signed a lease for a new apartment today! It should go nicely with our new married life. We'll be living in SoNo, the hippest neighborhood in southwest Connecticut. Our future home is circled in yellow on the picture. And yes, that is a balcony overlooking the Norwalk River! Check out the interiors here.

We move in on June 15th.

the wedding calendar

We're putting the pieces of wedding week together. The (tentative) calendar is on this website.

We expect most are arriving on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Please let us know if you'll be in town earlier so we can include you in all get-together opportunities.

Friday, May 4, 2007

anonymous comments now allowed

Thanks to Philipp and Helen Olshausen for alerting us that we had anonymous comments blocked! The situation has been corrected. Please leave your romantically sappy good wishes without fear of being identified.

Comments along the lines of, "I've always loved you, Kirsten" that are not left by David may be deleted. =)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

the nuptual countdown

Only 15 days left until the wedding! Our excitement grows. Today we stop by city hall to pick up our marriage license.

A few thoughts before the wedding...

  • Does anybody have lawn-based entertainment they can contribute to the reception? We're particularly looking for croquet sets or lawn bowling.
  • Please let us know if you're having any difficulty booking a room. The best way is to email David at davidmarcus -at- For the more rustic travelers among us, we're considering making our apartment available to those with sleeping bags. Let us know if this interests you.
  • Please arrive at St Paul's on time. The ceremony will begin right at 3 o'clock. Arrive early to hear our organist's dramatic renditions of 19th century German compositions!