Sunday, May 20, 2007

send us your pictures

To our friends with cameras...we'd love to see all the photos you took during the wedding. There are a couple of ways to share your pictures...

Our favorite way is for you to email them to davidmarcus -at- There is a 10 MB 20 MB limit for attachments, so you may have to send multiple emails. Gmail also blocks zip files so if you'd like to send the pictures in a zip file, please change the extension on the filename to .piz.

We've also set up a flickr photo pool here. If you have wedding pictures on your own flickr site, please share them with the pool. If you don't use flickr, please email your photos to us and we'll put them on our flickr site. So far we have two photos sent to us by the Buntic family.

Can't wait to build our album!

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