Sunday, July 1, 2007

koh samui, thailand

In contrast to our fast-paced tour of Japan, our time in Thailand has been characterized by a whole lot of laying around in the sun. Day 1: laying by the sea at our resort. Day 2: laying by the sea at our resort. Day 3: taking motorbikes to another beach and laying by the sea there!

We're very happy and very relaxed. Our resort is the Imperial Boat House and it's as impressive as its name. We're staying in the unfathomably awesome honeymoon suite (thanks Mom and Dad!). The room was veritably covered with orchid flowers when we arrived, with a basket of exotic Thai fruit and champagne waiting. After scouting the island, we've decided we have the coolest room in the coolest hotel on the coolest beach of the coolest island in the coolest country. Which is only fitting, since we're the coolest honeymoon couple around!

Lest that be in a doubt, we took in an all-night full moon rave our first night. Amid the dilated pupils crowd was your humble honeymooners, trancing with the best of them. The vibe was incredible, very high energy, and dancing on the beach was a great thrill.

Last night we went to a Muay Thai boxing match, which is pretty much like normal boxing but kicking is allowed. It's great fun, especially when one of the boxers tries a roundhouse kick and misses. They spin around and it's very embarassing for them. Then the other competitor pummels them.

We're very content with this idle life of ours, but we must leave Koh Samui soon before we spend our entire vacation here. We've no idea where to go next, however with reports of heavy rain in the mountainous north of Thailand, we're thinking about tarketing another beach town.

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