Monday, November 26, 2007

Bun in oven

In a miracle of biology, Kirsten DNA has combined with David DNA to produce an incredible Kirsten-David superchild. This child has been growing and forming for the past three months. We have six more months until we're formally introduced. Kirsten and I can hardly wait.

Knowing very little about pregnancy or babies, we've been studying hard and learning a lot. What to Expect when You're Expecting has been a great handbook. We've picked up baby sign language bit by bit. Hopefully our childrearing skills will be trained to a kung fu-like agility by the time our child arrives.

Also, we must sing the awesome praises of ultrasound technlogy. The ultrasounds have been an eye-popping way to visit our forming child and preview its incredible profile. We've watched it swim and kick and bounce within its watery home. We had no idea our kid could be so animated at this early stage. The ultrasound can't yet tell us if we're having a boy or girl...that'll come in mid-January.

We expect to introduce Junior to the world this June.

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