Friday, January 11, 2008

It's a girl!

Shortly before our second trimester screening today, I flipped a coin. Heads and we would have a boy, tails and we would have a girl. The coin came up heads. Add to that some old wives' tale analysis of belly position and kicking frequency and we were pretty sure a son was on the way. As such, we were genuinely surprised when the ultrasound tech showed us our little daughter.

Kirsten and I are still adjusting to the new reality. Will our house be filled with pink? Will I have to intimidate future boyfriends? Will my own flesh and blood go shopping for fun?!

I may not know a lot about girls or how they function or what motivates them or...OK, anything at all. But I'm still excited about our little Kirsten-David supergirl. I mean, a little boy who can climb trees and do wilderness survival is rambunctious. A little girl who can do these things will be quite the hard core kick butt rock and roller. A vision of the future Marcus-ette is forming.

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