Sunday, May 18, 2008

married one year

Sunrise...sunset. Sunrise...sunset. Today is our first anniversary. After twelve months of marriage, I'm happy to say that Kirsten, bulging with the promise of new life, looks even more beautiful than on our wedding day.

As we eat our defrosted wedding cake, we reminisce on the past year. We had our dream Asia honeymoon, a "second honeymoon" in the Adirondacks, the excitement of a positive pregnancy test, a Rocky Mountain New Years Eve, a "third honeymoon" in Miami Beach and now the nervous anticipation of Baby Marcus' imminent arrival.

Meanwhile, one friend after another has joined us in the transition from couple to family. Two weeks ago, Brian Collins made the jump, marrying his adventurous British girlfriend and preparing to raise their impending child in Oxford. It was a stunningly unique and personal wedding. This is Brian's cousin, serenading the newlyweds with a South African wedding song.

We're off to enjoy a day that is remarkably sunnier than the misty May 18th of last year. Kirsten is drinking raspberry leaf tea, hoping to coax Baby Marcus out on this most romantic and auspicious of days. I have a feeling we have a little longer to wait.


  1. Kirsten Dave,

    It looks that you guys are ready to be parents at any moment! I wish you healthy birth. Take care :)

    Best wishes from sunny LA.

  2. Thanks Yukie for the good wishes. It really is any day now...I'm not sure what Baby Marcus is waiting for!