Thursday, October 16, 2008

Season of Changes

It's Fall, a time of transition.  Here in Connecticut, the leaves are turning red, Kirsten's back at work, Zoey's off to daycare and I've started a company.

That's right...after three happy years at Nielsen, I've decided to pursue a long-held dream of building a start-up.  Routefriend, LLC, is now registered with the State of Connecticut.  Founder & CEO?  Yours truly.  Computers are magically efficient tools and the whole enterprise is coming together very quickly.  I hope to have a private beta by the end of 2008.  Thus far, total investment has been about $90 for corporate registration fees + $25 for a salad I shared with my star intern, Alex.

Meanwhile, Zoey's adjusting to daycare.  At first, she rebelled against the bottle feeding and her first daycare visit was cut short by a "where are my parents?!" freak-out.  Now she's happy, though.  She likes her bottle and her daycare friends...most of whom are much bigger and impress her with their crawling and solid-food-eating abilities.

That's Zoey in the middle of the picture below, watching her friend Angela read a book.

Here is Angela saying goodbye to Zoey as I take her home.

This is Zoey, happy that one of her daycare teachers is taking her picture.  (Thanks to Miss Anna.)

Kirsten is adjusting from a summer of full-time Zoey exposure to the challenges of working motherhood.  It's tough.  For the first few days Kirsten missed Zoey a lot, but now she's settling in.  Often she'll get out early enough to pick up Zoey and go for a walk, which is a huge treat for Zoey.  As they say, it's the quality time that matters.

A final thought...Kirsten and Zoey wish they could vote.  Don't miss your chance to choose the leader of the free world.  Go vote November 4th!

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  1. I love that table that they're sitting at. I want something like that for adults.