Thursday, February 14, 2008

mysterious visitor

I was looking at this website's analytics (through google analytics, which is awesome by the way) and saw that I received a very mysterious visitor. This person found my website using the query:
"david marcus" arrest or bankrupt or bribe or convict or criminal or fraud or harass or illegal or indict or investigate or jail or mafia or crime or prison or scandal or theft or racketeer or embezzle or launder or defraud or felon or conspire or litigat or negligent or defendant or violate or sanction or probation or settlement
I don't know who you are, mysterious dirt digger, but you'll never catch me, especially if you forget how to spell "litigate"! I'm happy to report that checking now, the query doesn't turn up any results, although I suppose I've just changed that with this post.

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