Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shane Bauer

Seven years ago I was on a long, sweltering bus ride across Greece. On board was a young Californian named Shane, wandering solo on money he'd saved from a welding job. Together we traveled into Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo for work, travel and adventure. The experience changed both of us, but while I was broadening my perspective, Shane was discovering his calling.

The photographs he took in rebel-held areas of Macedonia were simply astounding. Standing right next to him, I never saw the depth-of-scene that his camera was able to capture.

When Shane returned to the Bay Area he went back to school, learned Arabic, and has become a freelance journalist, making some amazing trips to Darfur. He's published articles in The Nation, The SF Chronicle and co-created a documentary:

Check out his web portfolio. It's a product of great talent. I'd like to think that I was there at the beginning.

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