Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vegas, baby!

This post is from Kirsten! David has been too lazy to update the blog...

Lagging 2 months behind, we finally want to share some of our adventures, starting with our trip to Vegas when Zoey was almost 10 months old:

What's up? What is this place? Where are we going now?

Being non-stop excited and overwhelmed by all the lights and noises, Zoey quickly got the hang of this oasis in the desert. She loved having another person paying extra special attention to her throughout the trip: Omi Elisabeth from Germany!

Everyone made sure that Zoey always had the best of views.

She got so excited about the lions, flailing arms and legs, that the lion keepers started pointing and laughing at her!

I'm flying!

Look at me standing! This railing is perfect baby height.

Having fun relaxing in her baby float in the MGM pool.

Zoey discovered her love of exotic fish at the Mirage coral reef aquarium...

so much so that she suddenly started pointing! Once she had figured this out, she started pointing at everything, lights, people, slot machines...

Zoey snuck behind a class of 4th graders learning about rainforests at the Rainforest Cafe at MGM. Watching the other kids, she quickly figured out that they were raising their hands, joining in herself! (She didn't get called on, but I'm sure she would have impressed with her knowledge of the rainforests of the world.)

Every now and then her mama tried to sneak away to gamble- much to the despair of her dad: "There goes Zoey's college fund!"

Vegas was AWESOME, as always. The Marcus family will surely return in the future!

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