Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zoey's favorite things to do

We all know that you're really just interested in ONE of the Marcus family members...

Here is how she likes to spend her days:
David and Zoey usually get to sleep in, while Kirsten has to sneak off early to work. This means that her Papa gets her ready for the day -not an easy task, because once Zoey is awake, she wants to explore. She loves to surprise her dad in the shower:

After this, she is usually soaked and needs to be diapered and dressed, fed, and driven to daycare along with her milk and snacks. On the way David likes to blast NPR radio at her for early morning education.

Zoey LOVES her daycare. Here's a picture of Zoey and her friends:

When picked up in the evenings, Zoey likes to have her shoes put on and walk herself (with assistance) back to the car. We try to head to the playground with her as often as possible, where she loves to swing, slide, climb through tunnels, and sit on she seesaw with her friend Braelyn:

On the weekends, Zoey gets to do things like RIDE A BIKE WITH HER PAPA!

And one of her latest achievements, although not perfected (yet):

... and now you'll have to excuse me, some privacy please! See you next time.

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